I was born and raised in the Southern New Hampshire area. At a young age I was introduced to the arts and studied drawing, music, and many other art forms throughout my educational years. When I was eighteen I purchased my first digital camera and used it to document my travels. I started with basic landscapes for personal entertainment, but soon found photography to be far more exciting than any other art form I have worked with up to that point. Two years into my landscape photography, I became more serious about widening my range of subject matter. My work has now expanded to portraits, animals, sports, street, real estate and more. 
   Through the medium of photography, I have met new people, traveled to numerous exciting places, and experienced life in ways that have been extremely unique. The early morning sunrises, late nights under the stars, breathtaking landscapes, and all of the wonderful people I’ve come to know have truly made photography the biggest aspect of my life.
   Thank you for visiting my website. My gallery is constantly updated with new photographs, please come back any time and see what's new!
   I am currently based in the greater New England area. If you are interested in booking me for an upcoming event, photoshoot, or have any questions, feel free to contact me at my email: 

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